• I'm a self-taught artist from Toronto, Ontario. I was born in Doue', France and moved to Canada in 1965, where I lived in Toronto and then Oakville, Ontario. I attended T. A. Blakelock Highschool and then attended Seneca College in Toronto, where I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising. After graduating, I moved back to Toronto and began a career in Retail Management.  I currently live in East York.

I developed a love of art and creating at a very young age, but didn't see it as a career choice. After starting my merchandising career, I didn't paint for almost 15 years. After a life changing event, I began sketching as a way of healing. Eventually, I picked up a paint brush and started experimenting in watercolour. This became my primary medium , and how I reconnected with my passion for art. I discovered alcohol ink and acrylic ink next, and dabbled with them for a few years. I eventually realized that these mediums didn't allow me to create the abstract layers and textures I wanted.  The natural choice for me was acrylic paint , which I use almost exclusively now.